The following are a series of tests from topics that will be common if you decide to seek employment in the IT industry as a qualified skilled Technician.

Ideal if you are thinking of getting certified
If you are studying to take your Comptia A+, Microsoft or Cisco certifications you can use these tests to assess whether you are ready for the exam or you need to further your training. Have fun, enjoy not give up..!

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Using this website is as easy as following the three steps shown on the right panel, (bottom for mobile users). First of all you can select a category of your interest, than choose a topic and finally the quiz.
Most of the quizzes are made of 12 questions and you have to meet a pass rate of 80%.

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IT competence test for computer bios


IT competence test for motherboard


IT competence test for memory RAM


IT competence test for expansion cards

Expansion Cards

IT competence test for storage devices

Storage Devices

IT competence test for CPU