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This simple application is dedicateed to all those out there that have been axed in a few interviews for not being prepared to the right questions and have decided to fight back.

You can read here the results of my personal research in order to gain all the right information on what and why your interviewer wants to know about yourself and how you should react to its questions.

This Survival kit will help you to understand the reason of the so called Behavioural Questions and will also give you some suggestions on answers that go with it.

Obviously we all have different backgrounds and have made our own experiences, so don't just rely on this material for your answers but use it as a starting point, from here you can elaborate your own answers according to your life and work experiences.

If you see the image below it means that I have written a suggestion rather than an answer.

About the permission required

This HTML5 application has been built for mobile and tablet devices and will scale to the screen size and orientation. The application does not require any particular permission as it is not connecting to an external database. All the permissions required are those of Adobe PhoneGap © which is the software used to develop the app using a Linux PC with Ubuntu 13.04 ©

This is an add free application.

The purpose of this application is not of monetizing, so no add are added to it.

Download free

Again, no purpose of profit, so feel free to download and use it for your own perusal.

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If you find this application useful and want to show your support please rate the app in the Google Play ©


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Supported Platforms

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