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Linpais derives from Linux Ubuntu (version 9.10), It is intended for people that likes linux in all its flavours and wants some extra power on it. It remains open source and free to download. The idea to come out with a distro, (yet another one), was taken by our team after setting many different computers with the same Operating System and installing applications needed by our designers developers and writers all over again and again, at some point, out of frustration we decided to make a distro with all the extra software we needed here (Audio / Video / Editing / Full Office support / Web Programming / FTP / Utilities and.....of course Games...

Yes we like that as well.

This Version of Linpais has some very cool 3d Linux games ready for your spare time amusement. so sit back and relax, please fell fre to contact us if you encounter bugs or issues of any kind, your feed back is really apreciated.

Have fun

Linpais Team

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