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A fast, cross-platform audio editor

Audacity is a multi-track audio editor for Linux/Unix, MacOS and Windows. It is designed for easy recording, playing and editing of digital audio. Audacity features digital effects and spectrum analysis tools. Editing is very fast and provides unlimited undo/redo.
Supported file formats include Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AU.

For more information, see

Gnome Baker

Application for CD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop

Gnomebaker is an easy to use CD/DVD burner. Its current features include:

  • Data and audio CD burning
  • Multisession CDs
  • DVD formating
  • DVD data disk burning
  • On-the-fly data CD burning
  • Cue bin data CD writing


Stream Tuner

A GUI audio stream directory browser

Streamtuner is a stream directory browser. It offers an intuitive and unified interface to various streaming directories through the use of a C/Python plugin system.
Current plugins included in this package are:

  • SHOUTcast
  • Live365
  • and more!

More information and plugins can be found at:


Versatile and easy to use audio player for KDE

Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a simple drag and drop interface that really makes playlist handling easy.

Features include:

  • rapid playlist creation, with drag and drop from a directory view
  • nice playlist browser for your existing playlists (PLS or M3U formats)
  • collection-indexing support, for smart browsing and playlist creation
  • possibility of accessing media via kioslaves, allowing you to play via smb:// or fish:// (normal streams are of course supported)
  • inline ID3 tag editing, capable of retrieving tags via MusicBrainz
  • album cover support: automatically displays album covers from the filesystem, or downloaded on the fly
  • miscellaneous audio effects, including crossfading
  • easy bindable global shortcuts, rich DCOP interface
  • On-Screen Display (OSD), on track change or at keypress
  • iPod and iRiver support
  • stream playing support
  • Track "mood" display (requires moodbar package installed)

Support for libvisual visualization plugins is also compiled in (you need to have libvisual-0.4-plugins installed to be able to use it).


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