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Final touches
Published by Daniele Pais in Newsflash • 14/01/2010 11:13:49
We are testing the latest Linpais 1.0 as we speak. So far all seems to run smouth, only a few issues but not really major. below are the only 2 issues that have reached +3.

Issue 1- On run updates the grub gnome was reset and some of linpais customisation was lost

SOLUTION: exclude grub from list of updates


Issue 2- Games 3D need good graphic card. We have tested the new 3D games such as Torcs or Alien Arena with a Pentium 4 / 512 Ram 60 GB HDD Nvidia GF 6000 and we where not able to play good.

SOLUTION: Linpais will come with installer for all, games are suggested for new PC's only and with Average Good Gaming Graphics installed and at least 2GB ram.

More upates to come soon.

Pre release
Published by Diego Alvarez in Newsflash • 09/01/2010 20:59:22
Limpais 1.0 almost out on Beta
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